Questiontyme: How do Snails Move House?


Today is World Animal Day, so here’s an animal-related Question of the Week:

 Daddy, how do snails move house?

 I’m not sure they do, Harry?

 So, do small snails stay small and are big snails born big, then? How are snails born?

 Um. Let me check google.

 What’s google, Daddy?

 It’s something that has all the answers.

 A bit like Mummy?

 Mummy knows lots of things but google knows more [checks google].

 So google’s better than Mummy then?

 Um. Just better if you want to find something out.

 So Mummy’s a bit stupider?

– [Recognising the dangerous ground, changes subject] Soooo… google says that a baby snail is born out of an egg and that as it grows, its shell grows with it.

 Wow. Is that why your tummy is so big, Daddy?

 I don’t think it’s that big, Harry…

 But it’s bigger than it was, isn’t it Daddy?


 Will we need to move house soon, Daddy?

 I… It’s not that big Harry.

 Hmm. Let’s ask Mummy!


 MUMMY, Daddy says you’re stupider than googly. Is his tummy too big?