Question Tyme: Daddy, how do they make sesame seeds?

On the occasion of World Food Day, an exclusive conversation with Harry, aged 5.75, about food provenance.

– [STARING AT BURGER BUN] Daddy, how do they make sesame seeds?

– Well, sesame seeds grows on trees an…

– Why, Daddy? Why do they grow on trees?

– Um. Well, a seed is a tree’s way of having babies. Like conkers. And acorns. And pine cones.

– [MIND BLOWN] Wow. Sesame trees must have lots of babies. There are [STARTS COUNTING SEEDS]…

– [GETTING AHEAD OF THIS ONE] Yes, they produced 6.2m tonnes of sesame seeds last year.

– Is that a lot?

– Well, it’s [HEAD IN PHONE AGAIN] 68 million times heavier than me.

– Wow. And you’re quite heavy Daddy. They must have infinity babies.

– Thanks, Harry.

– That’s OK, Daddy. What are they for?

– Huh?

– What are sesame seeds for?

– Um. They make them into oil, put them on burger buns, make sauces with them.


– [MORE GOOGLE] Also says here that they are very good for you. They stop you getting diseases…

– What are ‘diseases’, Daddy?

– They’re things that make you feel poorly.

– Like beer, Daddy?

– No. [CHANGING SUBJECT] it also says sesame seeds are good for your teeth, skin and hair…

– You don’t have very much hair, Daddy. Maybe you should eat some? Here you go…

– Mmm. Thanks Harry. Lovely.

– Is your hair growing Daddy?
– …


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