Question Time


In Conversation with Harry, Aged 5¾.

Random questions from kids are one of the delights of Father/Parenthood. So here’s a weekly ‘Question of the Week’ mini-post to celebrate them.

And here’s how it went down…

– Are you better than a clown, Daddy?

– What do you mean, Harry?

– Are you BETTER than a CLOWN, Daddy

– In what way, Harry? At falling over? At juggling? At wearing big shoes?

– All of them, Daddy.

– Well, I guess I’ve got quite big shoes. And I’m quite clumsy.

– What’s clumsy, Daddy?

– When you fall over a lot.

– Like they do in rugby, Daddy?

– No, in rugby they get knocked over. Clumsy is when you fall over by accident.

– Ah, like clowns?

– Um. No clowns do it on purpose.

– Are clowns better than you at doing it on purpose?

[tries a bit of slapstick, hurts leg]

– Are you OK, Daddy? Do clowns hurt themselves?

– No. And no.

– Oh. Are your shoes bigger than a clown’s shoe?

[googles “clown shoe size”, discovers a WHOLE new world, freaks the fuck out]

– Um. The average size of a clown’s shoe is 13, I’m size 11.

– Hmm. Are you better at juggling than a clown, Daddy?

– [gets 3 apples, juggles]

– Hahahahaha. You’re a rubbish clown, Daddy.

– Um. I’m not sure how to take that, Harry.

– Can you fall over on purpose again Daddy?

– No. Can we talk about something else?


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